Discraft ESP Scorch 2022 Alexis Mandujano Tour Series Disc Golf Distance Driver

The Alexis Mandujano 2022 Discraft ESP Scorch is a stable to understable disc golf distance driver. This disc features Alexis Manujano's name, her initials logo, and the Discraft logo and Scorch name on a grid background. One cool thing about the Scorch is that the transition from the rim to the flight plate isn't completely smooth, it has a very slight ridge.

The flight path of the Scorch is going to have a lot of glide, high speed turn, and a slow fade at the end of the flight. It's a big S curve disc that can be thrown forehand or backhand. If you're looking for a max distance driver, one of the most important things is that it gets a full flex in the flight. The Scorch is built to turn and fade back all while keeping that forward glide. Players who have a little experience and arm speed will love this disc, it's great for if you're already throwing about 300 feet. If you're throwing 400 feet already this disc will be slightly understable and you can plan for even longer flexes or it's great at producing rollers when thrown on anhyzer. The Scorch is really designed for maximum distance but it's not a straight disc, it needs room to move from side to side. Throw the Scorch when you have a little room to let it work.

ESP Plastic from Discraft is a premium blend. It's highly durable, has excellent grip, and it's what the pros on Team Discraft throw a majority of their drives with. ESP comes in a variety of colors, weights, and swirls, so make sure you scroll through the whole collection to get the exact one you like.

This 2022 Alexis Mandujano Scorch isn't just a disc that you're going to crush for amazing distance. It's also a Tour Series disc! Purchasing this disc helps support Alexis as she travels the US competing in disc golf. You get a sweet disc that helps your game and you get to help out a fellow disc golfer at the same time. Snag one of these today and show your love of the game and lower your scores. More