Discraft ESP Fierce 2022 Paige Pierce Tour Series Disc Golf Putter

The Paige Pierce 2022 ESP Tour Series Fierce is a disc golf putter that's stable to understable and has high glide. The stamp features the 5x World Champions logo on it and her name. There's a triangle and plenty of straight lines to give this putter a very clean stamp.

The flight path of the Fierce depends on the distance throwing it. Inside the circle it's a straight chain banger, throw it at the pole and smash those birdie putts. As a throwing putter it's going to have a little more turn before a very soft hyzer back. The Fierce is an excellent approach disc, or great off the tee on shorter par 3's. You can have it hyzer flip or throw it on a soft turnover and it will pan out instead of flipping over and becoming a cut roller. The Fierce is a little more shallow than other putters, which makes it easier for folks with small hands to grab. It has a flatter top as well, but still gets very good glide. The Fierce is really a go to option from 5 feet to 200 feet and can be thrown by beginners or 5x World Champs, and anyone in between. Use the ESP Fierce for approaches or effortless short distances when you need to focus on hitting a small gap.

ESP Plastic from Discraft is a premium blend that offers players lots of grip and durability. It's affordable, comes in many different colors and weights, and it's something you'll see thrown on every course in the world. If you're throwing this mold in a baseline plastic you can expect ESP to be a little more grippy and the flights a little more stable when flying longer distances.

The Paige Pierce Tour Series Fierce isn't just an amazing disc that offers glidey flight. It's also a way for you to support Paige Pierce as she chucks plastic all around the globe. Some of the money you spend on the disc goes back to support her. More