Discraft ESP Buzzz SS Disc Golf Mid-Range

The ESP Buzzz SS is a midrange from Discraft that's semi understable. It's a great choice for forehand or backhand players. The key with the Buzzz SS is controlling your angles. It's incredibly versatile and handles all sorts of different shots well. The primary use of this disc is to maintain a turnover without flipping over and becoming a cut roller.

The flight path of the Buzzz SS is understable and faster forward glide. The Buzzz SS is great at being released flat and riding a slight anhyzer. It can be used for players who don't have a sidearm throw yet but want the disc to fly to the other side. This disc is excellent at navigating the woods and tight curves. It holds the hyzer well and anhyzers will turn into a roller. The Buzzz SS is great at shots 100-200 feet, it's a utility not max distance disc.

ESP Plastic from Discraft is a premium blend. It's durable and offers excellent grip. This is the choice plastic of many professional players on Team Discraft and it's affordable so you can get it too. They use it in all weather and all around the world because it's a consistent and reliable plastic. It won't become flippy the first time it hits a tree.

The ESP Buzzz SS fits that hole in your bag where you want something that throws longer than a putter but doesn't require the speed of a driver. It holds turnovers well and can be used for all sorts of utility angle control shots. See why so many players rely on this disc to hit tasty gaps with. More