Discraft ESP Avenger SS 5x Paul McBeth Signature Disc Golf Distance Driver

Congratulations to Paul on his 5th world disc golf title!  He's adding another disc to the Paul McBeth Discraft collection and it's the Avenger SS in ESP swirly plastic.  Almost every disc has at least one other color swirled into the main color to create a cool effect.  Discraft has really stepped their game up with this ESP plastic swirl.  It also has the 5 slashes down the side for the 5 world titles Paul has won.

The Avenger SS is a flippy driver that will fit into anyone's bag.  For players looking for max distance but don't have a high arm speed, the Avenger SS combines hard turn in the beginning of the flight and lots of glide and fade at the end of the flight.  New players will enjoy an S curve stretch the length of their throws.  For high speed arms this disc (thrown flat) will be a strong turnover choice that has plenty of distance.  The Avenger SS is a versatile driver that sacrifices some control for elite distance.  

The Discraft Avenger SS is good with forehand and backhand players, and is best used in semi-open to open areas where it can excel at long turns and long gliding fading shots.

Come grab one of these beauties today!  

Speed 10 | Glide 5 | Turn -3 | Fade 1