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Discraft Big Z Vulture Disc Golf Distance Driver

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The Discraft Big Z Vulture Disc Golf Distance Driver is a stable to overstable disc that you can forehand or backhand with equal confidence. It's got lots of potential on windy days or when you're looking to put a little extra juice into a disc but want to trust a hyzer finish.
The flight path of the Big Z Vulture is straight for as long as the disc has power. With no turn it offers you the chance to really crank on the disc without fear of it getting flippy on you. As the disc glides it slows and will do a very long hyzer fade at the end. In the Big Z plastic it has a little extra glide and less overstability. You may find that this disc is perfect for doglegs where you need to carry a long way before turning. The rim isn't too wide, but this is still designed for the advanced player, the Vulture really needs to be thrown 300 feet consistently to get the best flight from the disc.
Big Z Plastic from Discraft offers a premium durable blend but also something that's a little softer and grippier than Z line or ESP. It won't be as firm in the summer and won't get ridiculously overstable in the winter. It's also solid so that when you do hit trees and rocks it will still retain the same flight path and characteristics.
The Big Z Vulture offers an overstable, high glide, and good grip disc. It's a solid choice for players who want more control than power. Check one out and see how easily it slides into your bag today.

Speed 10 | Glide 5 | Turn 0 | Fade 2 | Stability Rating 1.7

Big Z Plastic

  • Durable but soft in the hand
  • Slightly less stable than Z plastic
  • Performs well in cold weather