Discraft Big Z Thrasher Disc Golf Distance Driver

The Discraft Big Z Thrasher Disc Golf Distance Driver is meant for long turnover flex flights for smaller arm players. It's going to be a 12 speed that manages to flip and give a big S curve for maximum distance.

The flight path of the Thrasher is lots of high speed turn and glide. Then at the end of the flight the disc stables up and begins a long slow fade. This S curve makes this disc likely your furthest thrower. Above average speed arms will find that this disc continues to hold the turn and is their favorite anhyzer disc. The Thrasher needs lots of space to move from side to side, or when thrown on an angle it can be a roller, which also needs lots of room to go. It takes lots of skill to hyzerflip this disc, but if you learn it it's worth it. The Thrasher was absolutely made to shatter your personal distance record.

Big Z plastic from Discraft is a premium blend. That means that it's got high durability and good grip, but it comes at a little bit extra price. Big Z is a little more flexible than Z plastic, and it's more shiny and see through. Since it's a little more flexible you can expect more turn early, it will fly like a seasoned disc.

The Big Z Thrasher is an answer for people looking to get big distance with slower arms. It's got more flex, has lots of turn, and can be controlled. It doesn't matter if you're a forehand or backhand player, you can expect that the Thrasher flips every time. Snag one today and see if it fits into your game.

Speed 12 | Glide 5 | Turn -3 | Fade 2 | Stability Rating 0.4

Big Z Plastic

  • Durable but soft in the hand
  • Slightly less stable than Z plastic
  • Performs well in cold weather