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Discraft Big Z Stalker 2022 Ledgestone Disc Golf Fairway Driver

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The Discraft Big Z Stalker 2022 Ledgestone is a disc golf fairway driver that offers very straight throws. It's like a longer midrange and has high glide for a tunnel shot flight with a little gentle stable hyzer finish at the end of the flight. It's a beaded driver, which is unusual but it allows it to maintain stability with how small the rim is. The stamp features a wolf walking on hind legs in a nature setting with clouds and trees behind it. It's fearsome and a great stamp.

The flight path of the Stalker is straight and then a very small amount of hyzer at the end. It's perfect for tunnel shots with either a forehand or backhand throw because you can control it the whole flight. It's a tweener disc, kind of a longer mid that you can throw harder and it won't flip as hard. The Stalker excels from 225-350 feet and if you throw it further you can use it for soft turnovers. As a 7 speed it's the perfect disc for a beginner who is looking to learn shot shaping and how to throw. But this disc is also a favorite of 5X World Champion Paige Pierce, and it's great for players of all skill levels in between.

Big Z plastic is Discrafts slightly softer premium blend. Discs in Big Z still have that durability you love and trust from Z line, but they're not as overstable and offer a little more flexibility. This makes the disc have a little more glide right out of the box and it will fly more like a beat in z line disc.

This isn't your average stock stamp disc, it's the 2022 Ledgestone Open Big Z Stalker. Some of the money you use to purchase this disc will make its way to the winners of that tournament. So try out a stable fairway disc that you can get pretty good distance and straight flights out of. See why so many players throw a Stalker from Discraft.

Speed 7 | Glide 5 | Turn -1 | Fade 1 | Stability Rating 1.1

Big Z Plastic

  • Durable but soft in the hand
  • Slightly less stable than Z plastic
  • Performs well in cold weather