Discraft Big Z Hades Paul McBeth Series Disc Golf Distance Driver

The Big Z Discraft Hades is an understable high speed distance driver. It's meant for maximum distance shots and to have a lot of turn early with a late fade, and all the glide to get you down the fairway. The stamp features the Greek lord of the underworld holding Cerberus the 3 headed dog on a chain.

The Hades needs room to swing from side to side and get that S curve for the longest flight possible. When thrown on anhyzer it's going to be a long turnover disc that holds for most of the flight before panning out to flat. The Hades can also be thrown as a hyzer flip disc. It's versatile for how much glide it has. The one thing you're always guaranteed with this driver is that it's going to glide a long way. It was designed with input from 5x World Champion Paul McBeth for a longer flying disc. As it is a high speed disc players who are able to throw drivers 325+ feet consistently will do the best with this disc.

Big Z plastic from Discraft is a reliable and softer blend of plastic. It's going to have a little more flex than premium blends and that gives it a little less stable flight right out of the gate. You can use Big Z plastic in the cold weather and it won't get as overstable as other blends.

The Big Z Hades from Discraft is a disc that's meant for players with advanced skill or distance needs. It's going to turn and turn and then slowly head back straight and a slow hyzer out. If you're in the market for something controllable and with lots of distance check out the Hades. More