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Discmania Tech Towel Disc Golf Towel

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Product Description

Reinvent your towel!

Show your Discmania pride by grabbing our new microfiber towel!
This microfiber towel does not only let your inner Discmaniac out but it is constructed to be able to help you on the course. This towel is great for cleaning up dirt, mud, water, dust, and any other things you would get on yourself or on your disc!

Discmania reinvented the towel game just a bit and added a bit more flair to the product offering. Featuring a more subtle Bar Logo on the corner of the towel, you can be sure to have maximum drying capability when it counts most. These towels are higher quality with more absorption and come at a price that makes your wallet happy.

Size 15.7" x 19.7" Microfiber Suede

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