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Discmania Face Shield Disc Golf Apparel

The Discmania Face Shield Disc Golf Apparel is currently necessary almost everywhere in the world. If you're going to have a mask on your face, it might as well be from a company that produces the discs you throw. Winter is coming and if you want to keep your face warm outdoors a hoodie isn't going to cut it, you'll need a face shield as well

The Discmania Face Shield is going to keep your face warm as well as function for protection. It's got a sweet looking Discmania brand logo on the front, perfect for repping disc golf. It may not help your game, but it'll help you look like a pro disc golfer.

We know that these are in demand and we have a limited stock. That hasn't stopped Sabattus Disc Golf from offering these at a great price. So make sure you grab one of these before they sell out.

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