Discmania Evolution Exo Hard Logic Disc Golf Putter

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The Discmania Evolution Exo Hard Logic Disc Golf Putter is a stable disc that's perfect for approaching or for putting with. With a flat top and no bead, the logic could be described as a smushed P2.

If you're putting with the Exo Hard Logic from Discmania you can expect a straight flight with a smooth hyzer finish when you're in the circle. When you start to move further back you'll find that this disc has a stronger hyzer finish and you'll have to compensate for that by aiming higher and further to the side. As a driving or upshot disc the Logic is a straight flyer. When other slow discs might flip over, the Logic will hold straight and finish with a hyzer. This disc isn't overstable, it's regular stable so it's possible to flip it over on an anhyzer shot. You'll really appreciate this disc inside 200 feet where it has the most pinpoint accuracy.

Exo Hard plastic is close to a baseline blend from the Discmania evolution line. It offers some of the best grip you can find and beats in gradually. The hard plastic will give you a clean release in the hand which is very important with the touch shots and putts you'll be hitting with the Logic.

If you're looking for a reliable disc that you can hit consistent lines with, you've found it. The Logic is the... logical choice for so many of your upshots where you need a straight flying disc. It's a great putter that will catch the chains and drop your scores as well. Pick up one of these Exo Hard Logic's from Sabattus Disc Golf today!

Speed 3 | Glide 3 | Turn 0 | Fade 1

Exo Plastic

  • The Evolution line standard plastic.
  • Available in two different flexes.
  • Extra grippy good in all weather.