Boda Brothers

Birdie! The Disc Golf Board Game Paul Mcbeth Course Record Edition

A disc golf board game is exactly what you need when you can't be out on the course. This strategy board game isn't just you against the course, you get to affect your opponents with karma cards and dice. This all takes place on the famed Maple Hill Golds course where you can play 9 or 18 holes.

On the box there are endorsements from 5x World Champion and Maple Hill Champion Paul Mcbeth and Sabattus Disc Golfs favorite German MPO player Simon Lizotte. This box is the Paul Mcbeth Course Record Edition commemorating his 2013 victory when in the final round he took 45 strokes and shot one of the greatest recorded disc golf rounds of all time. It includes a chance for players to play as Paul for their round in this special edition.

Initially there was going to be an expansion with additional cards, dice, and a score of different players to choose from but the developers Boda Brothers decided to include them in the base game! So there are many different players with different skill sets you can choose so each time you play you'll have different skills and ways to play the game.

You'll need to set aside 45-90 minutes to play a round, this game has room for 1-6 players but it's more fun with a friend who can affect your rolls.

Get the Birdie! Disc Golf board game today.  No discs necessary, everything you need is in the box. Smartphones may be helpful for the QR codes at the bottom of each hole where you can see a flyover of the real course or if you don't want to use a score card you can always use UDisc. This is a perfect gift for anyone who loves disc golf.

(Please don't throw the box, this is just a bit of fun)

Speed 2 | Glide -1 | Turn 0 | Fade 0
Cardboard Box

  • Unsatisfying sound when thrown onto table.
  • Corners will dig into hands.
  • Too heavy, no lighter weights.
  • Will spill small pieces onto the floor and ruin game night for everyone.