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Axiom Voyager Lite Limited Edition Watermelon Disc Golf Bag

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Product Description

The Axiom Voyager Lite Limited Edition Watermelon Disc Golf Bag is a sweet choice for your disc golf needs. It's called the watermelon backpack for obvious reasons, so you can look fashionable out on the course. These bags are highly sought after, snag one while you can.

The lite refers to it being 25% lighter than the previous version of the voyager bag. That lite means 25% less weight in your bags when you pick it up and down 60 times in a round.

If you're looking for your new Axiom bag then check out what this burst of color holds.

What it holds.

  • 18-20 discs in main compartment.
  • Top compartment for putters.
  • 2 drink holders, one holder on either side.
  • 2 large capacity side pockets, great for
  • 2 pencils.
  • Multiple zippered pockets for scorecards, keys, phone, and other essentials.
  • Improved zippers.

It's available at a great price and this popular bag can be yours. Really stand out on the tee, in the woods, no matter where you are with the Voyager Lite Watermelon bag from Axiom.

Note: This bag will not ship Internationally.

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