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Axiom Prism Plasma Envy Disc Golf Disc Golf Putt & Approach

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The Axiom Prism Plasma Envy is an awesome stable disc golf approach and putter disc. It's going to be straight flying with a little bit of a hyzer finish. The outer rim is made of proton plastic which give the disc both extra stability and durability in the flight rim. And the sparkles in it make it shimmer in the sunlight too. It's a gorgeous disc that's going to save you strokes around the putting green. And any description of this disc would be incomplete without mentioning that this mold was used by 2021 World Champion James Conrad in "the shot".

The flight path of the Envy is going to be straight with a fair amount of glide and then a little tail hyzer at the end of the flight. Throw it on straight shots when you're looking for something 50-200 feet. It's a great choice for backhand or forehand throws. The Envy can also be your go to putting putter. Inside the circle just aim for the basket and it will go straight.

Prism Plasma plastic from MVP is a durable blend of plastics. The inner rim plasma gives the Envy a little more flex and glide in the flight right out of the box. And it won't be as overstable as other premium plastics in cold weather. It's got a great sheen and it's what you'll see pro players and amateurs throwing because it works and is affordable.

Try out the Envy and see why everyone is throwing this disc from the teepad to the putting green. It's going to earn a spot in your bag. More