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Axiom Lite Disc Golf Basket

Axiom Lite Disc Golf Basket

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The Axiom Lite Basket is a great mobile metal disc catcher. If you enjoy throwing at metal baskets and wished yours was more portable then this is the basket for you. These baskets are available in some awesome colors, Lime, Red, Royal Blue, and Orange!

Axiom kept the same number of chains and strong base that you love. But they also reduced the weight by 25% so it's easier to move. They kept the same screwing in setup mechanism as well, so it should take 1 minute to set up. This is perfect for keeping in the car.

How often are you stuck waiting somewhere and you have a few discs in the car? Fairly regularly probably, so do something about it. Get an Axiom Lite Basket so you can bring the fun of disc golf with you wherever you go. If you're at a cookout or at a friends place, or you want to warm up for your round but don't want to share a basket. Then buy one of these amazing baskets available at a great price. You'll be glad you did.

Note: Baskets will not ship Internationally.

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