DoubleG Jerky

DoubleG Craft Jerky - Garrett Gurthie

DoubleG Craft Jerky is delicious high quality craft jerky. Created by Garrett Gurthie, there's lots of flavors to choose from. He may be a better Jerky maker than a disc golfer, and that's saying something.

These aren't dry jerky, something that you have to grind with your teeth. It's a high quality snack that's easy to snag a bag and play a round of disc with.

The current flavor lineup is awesome and offers something for everyone.

Mcbeth BBQ Style features a classic barbecue beef flavor. It's the newest addition to the lineup and it helps support the McBeth foundation which brings disc golf to kids.

The hot boom sauce is strong and full of heat without being overwhelming. It's perfect for a hot sauce lover or someone looking for a little extra zing in their beef jerky.

Garlic Lovers Dream is an amazing combination of beef and garlic, the way a great steak tastes.

Teriyaki is a staple of any good beef jerky. This flavor is sweet and tangy with some pineapple and lemon juice really bringing out that sweet flavor from the soy sauce.

Smashed Cracked Pepper balances the beef flavor with that peppery taste you crave. It's smoky, peppery, and delicious.

Original is just what you expect from a jerky. It's that classic beef flavor with a few extra flavor enhancers like chili powder and Worcestershire sauce.

Come and try all of these amazing flavors. They're every bit as delicious as your friends tell you they are.