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MVP Fission Plastic

MVP Fission Plastic is a lightweight and durable blend. The lightweight plastic is currently offered for drivers because you're going to get excellent distance out of these discs. With less weight to them, they should be easier to get up to speed and throw further.

If you're struggling with a higher speed disc from MVP, try it in Fission plastic to get a different result.

There are micro bubbles in the plastic that lighten the disc without changing the structural integrity. It's just as durable as proton or neutron plastic. One thing to note with Fission plastic discs is that they're much more susceptible to wind. On windy days they'll fly much further, whether that's a good or bad thing is kind of up to the wind.

Fission discs still carry a lot of weight in the outer rim which helps with the gyro effect. This leads to a higher spin rate and more stable flight from the discs. If you're interested in learning more about a specific disc and the flight path go ahead and click on any of them in our collection.