Discmania Fairway Driver Disc Golf

The Discmania Fairway Driver collection is all of the FD, FD2, and FD3's, and Instincts we have here in the shop. These discs are designed with a controlled approach in mind. Not every throw has to be maximum speed and for max distance. The Fairway Driver collection is all about discs that fly mostly straight.

The FD stands for fairway drivers and they're all about making sure you hit your landing zone. These discs all share low turn and fade numbers because they're designed for straight flight. They excel both in the woods and in the wide open fields. Fairway drivers are also a favorite turnover disc because they can hold a turnover and then flex back slowly. If you beat in these discs they also make excellent rollers.

These discs come in a variety of plastics. The molds are the same but different plastics such as D-Line, C-Line, and S-Line all affect the flight a little differently. Differences in plastic will affect the stability, glide, and fade of a disc. Click on each of the discs to read what little changes each one has.

Everyone from pro players to a first time beginner needs to have at least one fairway driver in their bag to go with their putters and midranges as their straight flying discs. Grab one of these today and you'll love the evolution in your golf game.

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