Axiom Putt & Approach

Axiom Putt & Approach discs are useful anywhere from 1-300 feet and they're excellent choices. They're great choices for putting, approaching, or driving off from the tee. Axiom discs have a flight plate and an outer rim, this gives the disc additional stability and a longer flight.

The feel from Axiom putter and approach discs will depend on what kind of plastic they are. The baseline plastic Electron, offers players great grip and a disc that can break in quickly. In a more premium blend like Neutron or Proton you can rely on these discs to last a few years without becoming understable.

This collection includes discs like Ions and the Envy, the disc used in the shot heard round the world by James Conrad. If you're interested in learning more about any of these discs, the flight or the profile, or speed/glide/turn/fade, click on any of them and you'll learn more.

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