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Innova Ultimate-Recreational Disc Golf

Innova Champion Discs doesn't just make disc golf discs! They also make some for recreational play. While the Pulsar is available for tournament play (PDGA Approved) it's more frequently thrown on a beach or in a park. The DX Zephyr and DX Condor are called super class discs, and due to their Frisbee like size they are allowed to be a maximum of 200 grams.

If you're looking for a disc to play ultimate Frisbee with the Innova Pulsar is a great choice. If you want a small child to have fun on the course get them a "Midi" Atom it flies well and is made from a durable plastic. The Zephyr and Condor are great choices for new disc golfers who have lots of experience with a Frisbee and want something similar to play with.

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