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Discraft Mini Marker Disc Golf

A mini is an important tool in disc golf. A mini marker shows where your disc landed so you can move around before you make your next throw. Don't just get another mini, get one of these awesome ones from Discraft! They all feature the Buzzz, one of the most sold discs of all time. The microcap mini also functions as a cap for your cans, it can seal a soda or amber colored beverage so you don't spill out on the course.

The other mini's are slightly larger than most stock minis that other companies manufacture. The Discraft mini is an actual replica of a Buzzz just a much smaller version they're even stamped the same. These minis are tons of fun to throw and have lot of flight in them so watch out when you're throwing that thing, they've got some distance!

Get a mini from Discraft and have a little extra fun out on the disc golf course.

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